A Guide On Mine Spec Vehicle Hire

Do you intend to hire a mine spec vehicle? You may need to explore a mine or travel in off-road conditions. Below is a short guide on mine spec vehicle hire

Work With A Mine Spec Vehicle Hire Company

Check the internet or seek referrals to identify companies that provide mine spec vehicle hire services. Check the company's terms of hire. For example, will the company provide a driver? It is an essential consideration if you do not have ample experience in the operation of mine spec vehicles. Some companies could prohibit you from using the car at night. It is especially so if they think that you could cause accidents when driving at night. Ask about the vehicle's insurance cover. A comprehensive policy provides compensation if you get into an accident. Inquire whether the company offers repair and maintenance services. For instance, you could need to change the vehicle's tires or service the vehicle's engine. 

Choosing A Suitable Vehicle

Mine spec vehicles operate in harsh conditions. Therefore, conduct some research to know which vehicle models are ideal for a mine spec vehicle. Typically, avoid models that are likely to breakdown during use. You should also examine the vehicle specifications. For instance, what is the vehicle's horsepower? Vehicles with a large engine are ideal for people that would want to tow a trailer. How much fuel does the car consume? It ensures that you do not run out of fuel. 

You should also inspect the vehicle to ascertain its mechanical condition. For instance, the engine should not produce strange sounds. Blue-black smoke from the exhaust could be a sign of oil leakage. Take the vehicle for a test drive to identify problems such as overheating and transmission failure. Ask the company to assist you with the vehicle's maintenance records. They will help you determine whether the car requires urgent repairs. 

Vehicle Accessories

Most companies will customise their mine spec vehicles to improve their performance and handling in challenging road conditions. For instance, they could tune the vehicle's engine to improve its torque. Ideally, the car should have sufficient ground clearance. Hire a vehicle with a lift kit if you expect to conduct some rock climbing. The mine spec vehicle should have extra accessories such as LED lighting, first aid boxes, walkie-talkies, a heavy-duty winch and recovery tracks. 

When hiring a mine spec vehicle, work with a vehicle hire company, choose an appropriate car and inspect the vehicle accessories. As a rule, you should have emergency contacts to ambulance and firefighting services. They will come in handy in case of an accident.