What the Various Gearbox Noises Mean

Amid all the convenience of having a personal car to take you wherever you need to go, it's easy to overlook signs of impending car problems. Unfortunately, neglecting signs of vehicle trouble is one of those things that will come back to haunt you. If you smell trouble, then it is trouble!

The gearbox in your car is a vital cog of the vehicle's power transmission system. It consists of a set of gears whose job is to convert engine power into the speed and torque required to move your vehicle.

Like other mechanical components of your car, the gearbox is bound to act up at some point. One of the warning signs of gearbox issues is noisy operation. Read on to learn about the various gearbox noises and what they mean.

Gurgling Noise

If you notice a gurgling noise coming from your transmission while shifting gears, you need to check your transmission fluid level. When your transmission fluid is low, it allows for air to get into the transmission line. When air builds up within the transmission line, it forms bubbles that make gurgling noise and makes the transmission slip whenever you are shifting gears.

To fix this issue, you will need inspecting your transmission components for leak areas and seal any leaks found. You can then add more fluid up to the recommended levels. 

Rattling Noise

A rattling noise is a sign that severe damage lies in wait for your gearbox if remedial action isn't taken immediately. The noise can often be heard when the car is idle or at low speed. Gear rattle occurs due to the impact triggered by the unloaded gears of the gearbox, such as synchronisers.

Rattling noise is a serious gearbox problem that requires an expert to discover the underlying causes.

Grinding Noise

One of the most worrying gearbox noises you may hear on the road is a grinding noise. This type of noise is often associated with damaged or misaligned gears. It can also be a warning sign that your gearbox components aren't well-lubricated and are thus rubbing against each other. 

If ignored, a grinding noise can cause extensive damage to your gearbox components and reduce the performance and efficiency of your transmission system. Getting the problem checked immediately is vital to keeping your gearbox working at its best. 

If you notice any of the above noises, it is best to visit a gearbox specialist post-haste. They will inspect your gearbox and fix the source of the noises. Look for a professional who provides gearbox repairs near you.