Car Spray Painting Should Be Done By Professionals

You might feel that you can DIY car spray painting work to save some money. If it is a small area and you have some experience, you can safely try out your skills. However, if it is a large area or the entire car and you have little to no experience, hire a professional auto spray painter. Why?


Before car spray painting begins, a particular environment is required; an environment free of dust, debris or contaminants. Such contaminants can damage spray painting work. For example, if debris settles on your vehicle's body as you spray paint, you might notice many raised bumps. Your result should be a smooth surface, but in this case, the surface will be rough.

If you don't have any idea of how to create a clean and enclosed environment for spray painting, contact a spray painting professional.

Paints and Primers Needed

Spray painting requires a base coat, a top coat and a clear coat. Depending on the area being spray painted, you might need one, two or three containers of each.

You would rather buy more than is required than less because you don't want to run out of paint in the middle of spray painting or when you are mixing two products. A mix of two primers and thinners has to follow a particular ratio. Failure to do this leads to ineffective results.

If you buy excess coats, you will be wasting your hard-earned money, and if you buy lesser quantities, you might end up doing shoddy work that consumes time and money. Eventually, you will be forced to call a professional and spend extra money.

Items Required for Spray Painting

Spray painting requires sandpaper of a particular grit, an electric sander, a spray gun, masking tape, newspaper, paint thinners, personal protective gear, etc. It is not common to stock some of these tools in your shed, meaning you might have to purchase them. Purchasing some equipment like an electric spray gun might not be economical because it may be expensive and won't be used frequently. Make your work easier and save your hard-earned money by hiring professional spray painters.

Correctly Match Your Car's Colour

This is an area that requires skill and experience. Usually, your car's colour code is indicated on your vehicle's compliance plate, but even with this code, you need some experience to mix the right products and achieve the exact colour. Going wrong with the colour means that your car will have different shades, and you may require a professional to repaint it; therefore, incurring more expenses.