Why Hiring Is Better Than Buying When It Comes To Escort Vehicles

Escort vehicles play a vital part in everybody's safety on the road, especially on more rural roads where they are most frequently found. Used by a variety of industries from construction to mining, there are many reasons why you might need escort vehicles, but very few reasons that you should cough up the money for one on your own. Instead, it is generally much wiser to hire your escort vehicles and sometimes the driver as well. If you've thought about buying an escort vehicle read a few of these points first, as they may just make you reconsider. 

Expensive For A Specialty Vehicle

Most businesses will not have a consistent use for escort vehicles. You do not often have a load that big that cannot be transported by any other means. In addition to that, your escort vehicle should be a rugged, 4 wheel drive machine that can easily handle the harsh Australian environment it will soon traverse. That means that your escort vehicle will cost a lot to purchase outright, which will seem like a waste when you only use it a few times a year at most. Hiring an escort vehicle removes all of this risk and allows you to use it as much (or as little) as you need with a far smaller investment. 

Special Insurance

Escort vehicles are not just a regular car with a sign put on top of them. They provide a unique service which means that the insurance payable on them is generally quite different than that of a regular car on the road. Before you can use your escort vehicles, you would need to not only find an applicable car but apply for the correct type of insurance. By hiring an escort vehicle you remove this extra hurdle entirely, making for a much smoother process. It also means that if something does go wrong you know that you are fully covered and don't have to worry about frantically going over all your documents to see whether you will be okay. 

Wet Hire

Not only do escort vehicles need special insurance but escort vehicle drivers have to obtain their own type of license from the government before they can operate on the road. Many escort vehicle contractors offer you the choice of wet or dry hire and in these cases, you should almost always use their drivers rather than your own. Not only does it mean you can start your journey today (and time is often essential) but it means you are getting someone experienced in all types of rural traffic problems you may encounter in the journey. When you have that much equipment out there on the road you want someone who knows what they are doing to guide you to safety.